Daz Dillinger – “Life Stagez”
August 1, 2009, 4:09 pm
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Daz Public Enemiez Cover

From Daz’s upcoming release, Public Enemiez. Second leak (plus some videos) coming later today.

Daz Dillinger (of The Dogg Pound) Gears Up For “Public Enemiez” Album On August 11th

Fans of Tha Dogg Pound know that they never have to wait long for a new release from their favorite group members. Kurupt recently dropped his collaboration effort with DJ Quik, “BlaQKout”, and it is now time for the other half of the Pound, Daz Dillinger, to grace his fans with a new album on August 11th.

The new record is entitled “Public Enemiez” and as the title suggests, it is premised around the “Public Enemies” flick which highlights 1930s gangster John Dillinger, who Daz amiably fashioned his alias after. “Public Enemiez” offers insight to Daz’s most personal experiences, allowing listeners a window into what made Daz Dillinger the gangster/rapper he is.

Tracks such as “Life Stagez” and “N My Neighborhood” find Daz reminiscing about hismself and depicting the inner-city lifestyle that is, to this day, prevalent in “his neighborhood”. “Tell Me What U Got”, takes you on a trip through his days on Death Row Records and sheds light on his feelings about his former boss, Suge Knight. While most of the album carries a mellow sound, the party anthem “Meet Me @ The Strip Club” succeeds in switching up the mood throughout the record.

“Public Enemiez” is a true solo album, meaning no other rappers are featured on it – something that rarely happens anymore these days. Daz did however reach out to some of his favorite R&B crooners Latoya Williams, Chris Starr, Los and Nicole Wray to assist him on the hooks, as well as his production partners Soopafly and Ivan Johnson to co-produce with him.

“Life Stagez” [download]

Daz Dillinger

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Daz looks pretty intense

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