A-Alikes – The Hustler And The Hunted Part 3
September 10, 2009, 4:39 pm
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August 18, 2009 – Just yesterday featured the latest A-Alikes mixtape, “The Hustler and the Hunted 3.” The mixtape has been composed so vivid that it plays as a true-life movie in the making. They touch on topics that address everything from self-preservation to US economics. Controversy still surrounds the NY Based rap group, A-Alikes, ever since they openly admitted to the FCC about infiltrating several radio stations across the US just last month with a special uncensored message. DJ Victorious seamlessly incorporated excerpt of these recordings into the project. Mos Def, Raye 6, I.G. and Afayah, Checkmate, Tahir, DJ Butta, and even Kanye West offered their talent to this latest release.

“Content wise more people need to hear this; cats need that knowledge, that revolution that’s missing in hip-hop in ’09. A lot of realness in these bars and it’s appreciated. Skill wise A-Alikes are on point. – BigChew (

Their next official LP, “Us Against Them” is scheduled for release later this year and will be a double CD album featuring those from their direct family tree: Mos Def, Raye 6, Afayah, RBG comrades Divine of the DEY, N.I.M.R.O.D., Metaphysics, P.Kaso D-Tox and more. Where as their debut album, “I Eat U Eat” spoke of a personal journey they went through as brothers, this new LP is about the world at large seen through their eyes with two sides; “Us” is the people, the engine that drives capitalism. “Them” is anyone who puts money over people. With Hip-Hop as their weapon they plan to take one calculated shot for one kill in the name of humanity.

01 HH3 Intro
02 Explode
03 Since 9-11
04 Fuckin’ Wit U
05 How Do We Go
06 A Black Verse
07 Divide and Conquer
08 Do Your Time
09 Currency
10 Celebrate Life ft. Afayah
11 DJ Victorious and Zarakyah Pirate Radio Interlude
12 If I Should Die
13 HH3 Pirate Radio Call In
14 Treeman Part 2 Featuring Raye 6
15 Difference A Day Makes
16 We Everywhere
17 Heartbeat of the Streets
18 A.R.T. (All Real Things)
19 Winner Never Quits
20 RBG Salute ft. DJ Victorious
21 The Sheep and the Shepherd
22 U Next
23 Sirens in the Distance ft. Mos Def
24 Death of the Industry
25 We Gon Miss U MIKE
26 Last Election

The Hustler And The Hunted Part 3 [download]

A-Alikes: website / MySpace


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