[Video] Jam session with Kam Moye, Jern Eye, Tunji, Evangelist
October 8, 2009, 12:35 pm
Filed under: Videos

Throw together Kam Moye, Jern Eye, Tunji, Evangelist a couple of MPC’s and a guitar and only good things can happen. This improv freestyle collaboration has tracks laid down by producers Cook Classics and Keelay of production duo Keelay & Zaire and Nate Mercereau on guitar. Impromptu sessions like this are just another example of how strong, versatile, and fun hip-hop can be when you gather a handful of talented emcees and musicians in a room together and let them do what they do best. The flow exhibited lets you know that these guys are grinding hard, but always having fun. With the handful of rappers present at the jam session overflowing with talent, it may be Kam Moye who shines the brightest as he raps, “I’m still pressing up albums / And keep women friends who could be twins with Jessica Alba.” As each emcee spits on a different topic, showing off enormous diversity in style, the one consistent theme throughout the video is clear: dope music. Jern Eye’s Vision and Kam Moye’s Splitting Image will be available October 13th and October 27th respectively via MYX Music Label.

I love hip hop.

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