Mulatto Patriot – Sonic Visuals (instrumental version)
October 10, 2009, 2:33 pm
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Mulatto Patriot Productions has just announced the release of the instrumental album version for the “Sonic Visuals” LP, by Chicago producer and engineer Mulatto Patriot. The “Sonic Visuals” LP received placement and praise across the world, including radio stations like WMFU (Billy Jam), WUPX, WRFL, KHDC, KUEL, KBSC, Fusebox Radio (Syndicated), CFRO (Canada), KXCI and KOAS to just name a few. His tracks off this LP also received praise on, Relevant HH Magazine (Spain), Vapors Magazine, Abort Magazine (Canada), Myspace and the SF New Review. In the last year Mulatto Patriot has produced tracks featuring Ras Kass, Pumpkinhead (Brooklyn Academy), Pugs Atomz, Psalm One (Rhymesayers), Decay (Molemen), Casual (Hiero) and many more artists in his native Chicago surroundings. So this album does not fall short in variety and overall style needed to stimulate any emcee to hone the mic. Mulatto Patriot is still a new name in the public eye, but the demand from emcees to get a hold of this instrumental LP has attained him a core placement, which may be more valuable than any other, including his placement with Microsoft earlier this year.

“Mulatto Patriot sounds are organically nothing trendy. They let you breath and challenge you simultaneously, and that creates a classic.” – Psalm One

1. Showtime
2. Audio Terrorist
3. International Connection
4. Swordfish
5. They Don’t Know
6. Lethal Weapon
7. See H Eye See Gee O
8. Everybody’s Crazy
9. Northern Lights
10. The General
11. Chicago River
12. Luvin It
13. Cadillac Vinyl
14. Windy City Testimonials

Sonic Visuals (instrumental version) [download]

Mulatto Patriot


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