Flawless Hustle presents: Money Isn’t Real
October 21, 2009, 4:08 pm
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After a summer of hard work, the payoff is here: Flawless Hustle proudly presents Money Isn’t Real, our first compilation. If there’s one topic that’s a constant in Hip-Hop its money. Whether heads are making it, spending it or stealing it, the scene (and our world) is obsessed with money. Hell, one of the reasons people hustle is to get loot, so we ourselves know the power of a dollar, which got us thinking: what the fuck is money, really? It’s an interesting concept, and was a great jumping off point for this debut project, so we asked a host of esteemed MCs and producers to give us their take(s) on the idea of money and it not being real. The end result is Money Isn’t Real, which contains stories about getting paid, jacking loot, spending cheese or just plotting on attaining funds. We even have tracks that show the underside, the results of where our money-driven culture could lead us going into the future.The possibilities are endless, and with a good drink (or a nicely-rolled L), you and your goons/business partners/stockholders should have a deep conversation about many of the themes within this project. Or you can just download it and have a compilation that satisfies from front to back. The choice is yours.

Money Isn’t Real [download]


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