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Hello, I am the webmaster for and I came across your
website while surfing. I think we could both benefit by trading links. I
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Comment by Zack

My name is Brian and I am the founder of, a sneaker
resource for Air Jordans, Nikes and more. I wanted to ask if you would be
interested in a link exchange? Both our subjects Hip Hop and Fashion are directed at the same group, and I think a link exchange would benefit both of us.

If this is something you are interested in, please contact me back and we
can have the link exchange up right away. Thank you.

Comment by Brian

Whasup homie! Glad I met you at Town Square! Read a bunch of stuff and the history of your magazine, and all I can say is Damn!!!! All the best for 2008! I agree that bay area music quality was low for the last 5-10 years or so, and after listening to a few tracks you posted hopefully its comin back!

Comment by Jeffason

Hip hop lovers in the Chi-Town Region, mad opportunity-

I wanted to give everyone the heads up that the latest YUNG BERG video “Do Dat” is Casting Now (all parts union/nonunion and extras)
We are SHOOTING this month in Chicago.
This is an opportunity for EVERYONE in the hip hop scene within the Chicago region!

The director is TAJ and the label is Epic – this will be seen everywhere!

Tell the masses they can go to join and audition online.

Comment by NEHST

Swinging thru to say thanks and its much appreciated on the write up on my music and my album The Heart of Stone.

If you need anything, interview, radio drops or jingles etc, you just let me know.

As im comign up from the bottom I appreciate all the help you gave me. And I wont forget it.

Kmnite (K-Man-ite)

Comment by Kmnite

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